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The Fruits of Our Labor

Yesterday we had our first red strawberry in our patch. My grandson’s eyes lit up when his mommy handed it to him. Not even two years old yet, he knew to pull off the green stem before eating it.. He put it in his mouth made an mmmmm sound while enjoying it’s sweetness, and when finished eating it declared it was, “YUM!” 

For that brief few moments life felt so normal. 

It is a strange and crazy world we are living in now with the Coronavirus being the forefront of everyone’s daily life, as well it needs to be. I am fully aware of how blessed we are that we can continue to work in our greenhouse growing plants and transplanting as they grow. Outside we prepare existing raised beds for our vegetable gardens to get planted.  This past week we have been building more raised beds for an area which usually is planted as rows for my cutting flowers. Those will be planted elsewhere. The earth there was tilled yesterday so we can place and level the newly made raised beds 

There is something so inviting about freshly tilled earth.  The scent, the look, and more than anything the feel of it beneath the feet. Well at least that’s how I feel about that wealth of goodness. As I stood admiring that wide and long brownness a little one stood beside me. I looked down at his stare looking at the same treasure I was staring at and.... without any hesitation he began to run across the freshly plowed earth. In a perfect straight line those little feet traveled fast, leaving his slip on shoes behind halfway across (which made me smile) all without missing a step. He continued his journey to the other side in his white socks! I secretly wished he was barefoot so he felt the earth, really felt the earth, between his precious little toes.  For just a brief moment I am that near to be two year old child running through a freshly plowed field. 

What a gift our micro farm is to us. My daughter gets to spend everyday with her son, to guide him, raise him, and see him grow up.  For me the greenhouse and growing flowers to cut for bouquets has helped to fill the emptiness and ache in my heart over the past six years since my beloved Arnie died. I look at Ari, my little grandson, named after his grandpa Arnie and think how much they both missed out on not being able to know each other. I watch Ari pick up his chicken Annie to love her and I can’t help but to think what a good life he has growing up in this environment. 

And then once again it hits me, and I am reminded of what the world is going through right now. I wonder for how long, and if ever things will return to what we knew as normal. I think of all those who have died of this deadly demon, and I think of the grief their loved ones are going through. 

I am grateful for my life, I am grateful for each of you who have touched my life positively in some way.  With so much uncertainty, I am certain of one thing:
Today is a gift...unwrap it! 


  • Thank you for your first blog. I have just discovered your website and Facebook page. My husband and I are building our raised garden beds now and I would love to learn how and when to plant your vegetable starters.

  • Thank you for this “moment” to share with you. ♥️

    Sally Foraker
  • Your brother!

    Good read Carolyn.

    Barbara Tabet

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