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The Grace Within My Gratitude

  • Inviting Visitors to the Garden 

    When we plant our gardens at Grace and Gratitude, we are always thinking about who will come to visit, and will they appreciate what we have plant...
  • Quarantine Succs - Caring for Succulents

  • She’s Sweet and Her Name is Annie

    Zinnia, Tansy, Calendula, Sage, and Sweet Annie are the names of our chickens. Yes, they are all named after flowers or herbs. Would you expect...
  • What's in a Name?

    Feature Flower of the Week: Ageratum You may remember seeing ageratum bordering your grandmother’s garden, or perhaps your mother planted it in he...
  • The Fruits of Our Labor

    Yesterday we had our first red strawberry in our patch. My grandson’s eyes lit up when his mommy handed it to him. Not even two years old yet, he knew to pull off the green stem before eating it..